Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy details how CallStop handles your information. CallStop is a company focused on allowing people to live more private lives where their time is respected, so that's how we've designed our privacy policy. If at any time our privacy policy is changed, you can always find the latest version on our website.

When you sign up for a CallStop account, you're assigned a phone number for your use. CallStop will never share your number with third parties.

When signing up, you'll also be asked to provide your name, an email and a password. Your email allows you to sign in to your CallStop account from other devices, and combined with your password helps secure your account. We will never share your name or email with third parties.

To receive and send phone calls, CallStop uses the trusted VOIP provider Twilio. Twilio does collect analytics and metadata about phone calls to allow developers to improve phone services. To learn more about Twilio's privacy policies and Twilio APIs, view Twilio's privacy policy here

If your import your contacts as a whitelist, we will never share your contacts and/or whitelists with third parties.